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2017 KFDA Convention Exhibitor Brochure Is Now Available

The 120th Annual KFDA Convention is coming soon. The exhibitor brochure is now availble and linked below.

2017 KFDA Convention Exhibitor Brochure

2017 Exhibitor Event Registration

My Eulogy For My Grandma's Funeral That She Didn't Want

written by Libby Crimmings

Gram hated funerals. She said she didn’t want one because people had better things to do than sit around and cry over her dead body. Read the original article at Des Moines Register.com

New Regulatory Changes Concerning Death Certificate Amendments

We are happy to announce that effective June 24, 2016, personal information on death certificates will be allowed to be amended without a court order up to one year after the filing of the original death certificated... (read more)

Mandatory Electric Filing of Death Certificates

The 2016 Kansas Legislature passed House Bill No. 2518, which requires that all death certificates, stillbirth certificates or medical certifications be filed electronically... (read more)


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